We are Quiero a Multi-disciplinary
Creative Design Studio.

Esteve Reyes -
Founder & Art Director


Mayte Reyes-
Architect & Creative Lead


Lee Gardner-



In Quiero we believe that design should be inspired from more than aesthetics and visual concepts; our design invokes ideas , transmit feelings and craft experiences that naturally engage with the audiences.

As a multi-disciplinary creative studio we help brands to solve their challenges and elevate their propose through creative strategies to convey meaningful visual content and powerful designs that inspire and connect effectively with the viewers.

Quiero’s team compromises a diverse group of highly skilled professionals from different creative backgrounds who share a common passion for design, giving us different perspectives and holistic approach to craft high-end designs for a wide variety of national and international clients.

"The quality of the design is called significance and the lack of quality is called insignificance." -
Cruz Novillo


Branding, Brand Strategy, Typography, UI/UX Tool Kit, Illustration, CGI, Motion Graphics, Art Direction, Fotography, Video, Web Design.

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